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Friends of Lithia Park​

LINK to this webpage is:

https://tinyurl.com/Fir Grove

Friends of Lithia Park needs your petition signature to demonstrate support for designating Lithia Park's Fir Grove (12 historic Douglas firs) as Ashland Heritage Trees, under Land Use Planning ordinance  The final decision will be made by the City Council.   TO SIGN ON, fill in the form below and click SUBMIT.

PETITION TEXT:                  To: Ashland Parks Commission and Ashland City Council

Please endorse the Ashland Heritage Tree designation for Lithia Park's legacy grove of 12 healthy Douglas fir trees, planted by local Boy Scouts circa 1916,  between the Japanese Garden and the Sycamore Grove.  This designation does NOT legally limit what can happen to these trees.  However, it does acknowledge citizens' desire to protect them as living legacies.  We treasure them for their beauty, their size, their ability to capture and store tons of carbon, and their role in 100 years of history in Ashland's world-class  Lithia Park.

BACKGROUND:  On January 28, 2019, the Ashland Parks

Commission voted 3-2 to adopt a plan from the Ashland Parks

Foundation to expand the footprint of the Japanese Garden.

This plan requires the removal of two of the twelve historic

Douglas fir trees in the Fir Grove. This decision still stands.

However, because of the community discord, the Foundation's

donor stepped back, and the Parks Commission temporarily

"suspended" the project until January 2020.