HOSTS:  Julie Norman, Rachael Resch, and Richard Seidman
                                                                                           PHONE:  Julie 541-488-9474 

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Between the Human Animal and the Animate Earth:   
The Speech of Things  

          How can we open a fresh and unshakeable solidarity between humankind and the other animals, plants, and elemental forces that compose this breathing biosphere? 
          The climatic changes now underway ensure that civilization will experience dramatic transformations in the near future, indeed that humanity is about to undergo a sea change of immense proportions.  How can we help such metamorphoses unfold in a manner beneficial not just to human elites, but to the greatest possible range of species, ecosystems, and cultures?
          A dawning recognition of the primacy of place, an awareness of wildness unfolding wherever we train our attention, a fresh humility in relation to other earthborn beings (whether salmon or cedars or stormclouds), and a radically transformed sense of the sacred — all these are struggling to be born at this moment in the world’s unfolding. How can this transformed awareness settle deep into our muscles and bones, and how can it come most powerfully to expression in our lives?
          Join us for a vivid personal experience and collective exploration, a gathering rich with storytelling, poetry, and conversation.  We’ll pool discoveries for engendering a new experience of the enveloping earth and atmosphere — as an intelligent, exuberant, improvisational, and sentient reality— and of ourselves as full-bodied participants (along with the bears and crickets) in the emergence of that reality.                   David

          This workshop will support you to:
 ➢ awaken your creaturely senses, shaking them free from habitual patterns
 ➢ enter into a richer relationship with the more-than-human, natural world
 ➢ tune into your home-place, deepening your experience of the local Earth
 ➢ awaken to the beauty and power of indigenous cosmologies
 ➢ expand and intensify your sense of wonder
 ➢ hone your poetic and storytelling skills
 ➢ become a more powerful agent of cultural metamorphosis              

   BASE RATE for 3-day WORKSHOP, FACILITY RENTAL, and 3 MEALS/day           $ 465
   LODGING FEE for 3 nights  (pick one):                                                                                      $ ___
       Female-identified dorm (bunk-beds) with 2 shared bathrooms        $85
       Large and small yurts (bunk-beds) with shared bath house                 $70
       Tentsites & camper/van sites (no utilities) with shared bath house $35
                                          REGISTRATION FEE  =  BASE RATE  +  LODGING FEE               $ ___

Family-style meals begin with dinner on Thursday, June 14th and go through Sunday lunch.  Each day, breakfast (8:30am), lunch (12:30pm), and dinner (6:30pm) will feature fresh ingredients (primarily local and organic) with vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free options.   We will also provide an early bird breakfast bar at 6:30am and hors d’oeuvres at 5:30pm.

Check-in is on Thursday afternoon from 1:00 to 5:30pm.

At 1:15pm, you may join a carpool for an optional afternoon Field Trip. 

hike leader and botanist, Jeanine Moy, will offer a Wildflower

Walk to Little Illinois River Falls.  There will also be a guided road tour

to vistas of the Kalmiopsis and Siskiyou Wildernesses.  Cars will return

at 4:30, in time to complete registration and settle in.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Botanist Jeanine Moy
At 5:30pm, we will have a half-hour Orientation.  Dinner starts at 6:30pm.

At 7:30pm, David Abram will launch the Workshop sessions.

The Workshop ends at 12:30pm after Sunday lunch.  Please schedule flights after 3pm. 

The 850-acre Siskiyou Field Institute (SFI) and Retreat Center are 1.5 miles west of Selma, Oregon, at the gateway to the Wild Illinois River and Kalmiopsis Wilderness.  SFI is a nonprofit research and natural science learning center, serving amateur naturalists, school classes, college programs, and scientific research projects since 1998. 

The Kendeda House has a cozy Great Room, big covered porch, kitchen, and a female-identified dorm (bunk-beds).

Nearby are a picnic pavilion (water,  power, propane stove, guest cooler, and refrigerator), two large yurts (with several bunk-beds), solar-powered bath house (male and female sections), tent sites, camper/van parking sites (no utilities), fire-ring, walking trails, and two creeks.  [The irregular terrain and trails may present difficulties for people with physical challenges.]

There is WIFI.  There is cell-phone reception (except AT&T).  Rooms in the Kendeda House are TV- and phone-free.  To respect others, we ask that technology devices only be used around the parking lot or your private room.  An emergency land-line phone is available.

Selma (1.5 miles) has a big Ray's grocery store, post office, gas, 

and cell phone reception (including At&T).  Grants Pass (23 miles)

has the closest regional hospital.

SFI is non-smoking facility, except for a designated area

near the Kendeda House.

Quiet time is 10pm to 7am.
                                                                                                                                                    Western Trillium - John Erwin photo

Toiletries, bath soap, and hair products • Walking shoes • Flashlight • Slip-on shoes or slippers for the Kendeda House • Water bottle • Mug/plate/bowl/utensils •  Sunhat • Layered clothing • Raingear. 

Bring a towel, sleeping bag/bedding, and pillow if you will be in a yurt or your own tent.

For David's outdoor sessions, by Deer Creek and among the oaks and pines, bring a seat cushion, back-jack, or lightweight folding chair.  Walking sticks are handy.   And have a poem ready to recite.

For those with an intricate, restricted diet, bring your special foods to augment your meals.  A guest refrigerator in the Picnic Pavilion is available.

Optional:  Earplugs for shared rooms • Swimsuit & wading shoes • Music maker and song sheets • Display items (your card, flyer, favorite books, etc.) 

SFI is a wildlife-friendly property for deer, elk, rattlesnakes, and more, so leave pets at home, along with valuables and candles.

Siskiyou Field Institute and Retreat Center (see their 2018 Natural History Course Catalog)

Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center (KS-Wild) conservation campaigns across the bioregion

Exploring and protecting the Illinois River Basin, by Friends of the Kalmiopsis

Hiking in the Western Siskiyou Mountains

The nearest airport (MFR) is 48 miles away in Medford, Oregon.  The nearest Greyhound Stations are 25 miles away in Grants Pass, OR and 53 miles away in Crescent City, CA.  The nearest AMTRAK station is 124 miles away in Klamath Falls, OR.

A regional bus service, SW Point (aka The Shuttle) travels daily west-bound to Selma from Klamath Falls, Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass, etc.  There is daily east-bound service to Selma from Crescent City, CA and Brookings, OR.  Buy tickets online in advance.  Call 541-883-2609 or visit: 


From Interstate 5, at Grants Pass, OR: Take Exit 55 onto Hwy. 199 West. Drive 23 miles to Selma. At the first blinking yellow light (at the Post Office and gas station), turn right onto Illinois River Road. Drive 1.3 miles and turn left into SFI’s driveway.
From Highway 101, north of Crescent City, CA:  At exit 794, take Hwy. 199 East toward Grants Pass, OR. Drive 57 miles to Selma. At the second blinking yellow light, turn left (at the Post Office and gas station) onto Illinois River Road. Drive 1.3 miles and turn left into SFI’s driveway.


                               Wild Illinois River

                     Richard Wilhelm photo

Illinois River photo by R​ichard Wilhelm 

2018 Workshop with David Abram

Thursday, June 14, 1:00 pm to Sunday, June 17th, 1:00 pm

​Siskiyou Field Institute and Retreat Center 

1241 Illinois River Road, 1.5 miles west of Selma, Oregon

Julie Kay Norman

Earthy Events 

Klamath River photo by Keith Henty